Monday, December 10, 2007

Grace • Peter: It's a Wrap!

12.09.2007 | Sage Ranch Park, SIMI VALLEY

Today I had the opportunity to do my first "It's a Wrap!" photo session. Thank you to both Grace and Peter for their willingness to join me for this session. We arrived at the location about 3:30pm. It was quite a distance to drive. But, it takes another 30 minutes to hike to the final photo location. Somehow, I forgot to mention to the group that the photo shooting location requires quite serious hiking effort, but all of us made it to the top! Jonilyn and Lia were joining me on this photo shoot. And so did the make up artist, Yuri. We had about 1 hour to shoot. It was getting really dark quite fast and none of us want to go down rocky hill 30 minutes in total darkness to the parking lot. But, it's all worth it! We got the shots!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Janice: Love vs. Sex

12.07.2007 | Jacob Galleries, ARCADIA

I had an opportunity today to help Janice, photographing her as part of her class project: Love vs. Sex. Janice brought her friend AJ for the session. They both are calpoly univ. students. We were inspired with one of Janet Jackson's topless photograph. Yuri, who's a friend of Janice, did the make up. I normally don't like to crop my photographs. I love 35mm film format. However, this time, I am feeling a bit nostalgic with my mamiya RZ 6x7 format. It's been a while since I use the format. So, let's do some 6x7 cropping! 

Monday, December 3, 2007

Denny • Ireyne: the ENGAGEMENT

12.02.2007 | Old Town & City Hall, PASADENA