Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jacob Galleries: the News

03.20.2008 | Bally's & Paris Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS

I just received the press release from WPPI, for 2 of my prints that were selected and won accolades of excellence in this year WPPI 16x20 print competition. Yay! Here're the 2 prints that were chosen by the judges.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lyca • Tom: the ENGAGEMENT

03.20.2008 | Las Vegas Strip, LAS VEGAS

When Lyca and Tom signed up with me to do their e-session last year, I mentioned that I will be in Vegas area for WPPI conference in March, and perhaps we could do their e-session over there. They agreed to it and arranged the time/day to meet up with me for the photo shoot. Lyca lives and works in Seattle and Tom lives and works in Los Angeles. We all finally made it to Vegas. Watching both Lyca and Tom holding hand and having fun, even at the hour past 1:00am, love is really beautiful! It's one of the greatest miracle that God shows in human's life. Given the chance to watch and capture the moments, I'm honored! Thank you both Lyca and Tom for letting me do few quick snapshots of these beautiful moments of your life.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lyca • Tom: the Boudoir

03.20.2008 | Palazzo Hotel, LAS VEGAS

I had an opportunity to do boudoir photo session with one of my bride client last night, at Palazzo hotel room. For all bride and groom who sign up with Jacob Galleries for their wedding photography package by June 2008, the studio offers free boudoir photo session. The session actually combines the new product that Jacob Galleries will start to offer starting in Fall 2008. Client will receive four 5x7 custom prints for the boudoir photo session taken for the bride AND the groom. Yes, surprise, surprise, the session is not just for the bride, it's for BOTH bride and groom. The concept is to have all the sexy and fantasy photographs of bride and groom, they are photographed separately and on the wedding day, they will receive 8 5x7s of these boudoir photographs, hand binded in a hand made book! I'm very excited about this new product, since I could combine my photography and my handmade book binding into one finished product. More of this will be posted as working in progress, more photos of Lyca's photo session (all my clients will have an opportunity to check the photos from the session and gives their permission for me to post their photos at my blog, for the boudoir photo session). So, stay on, as more photos will be posted, Tom's boudoir photo session is coming up in April, and surely they will be posted too! Also the final handmade book, will also be posted here at Jacob Galleries blog, once it's completed. Thank you Lyca and Tom, for the trust in my studio to have my first boudoir photo session with the two of you.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nikki • Jing: the Wedding

03.15.2008 | Athena, NEWPORT BEACH

I had been looking forward to finally photograph Nikki and Jing's big day! The day was finally arrived. The ceremony was held at the Athena boat, in Newport Beach. I was excited that we had some extra time after the banquet to do some shots in the pier area. The timing was perfect! Congratulations to both Nikki and Jing!

Beth • Douglas: the Wedding

03.02.2008 | Central Park, RANCHO CUCAMONGA

It's my first wedding for the year 2008! We started the day with the whole wedding day preparations in the church. I remember the moment when I was photographing Doug during his preparations and he asked me for praying private moments with his bestman and groomsmen. I stepped out of the room, and of course..., it's the moment thing! Through the little opening of the door, click click, I got it. Also unforgettable, Beth's dad expression as he walked with Beth towards Doug, who's waiting at the altar. Click. I got it. Dad looking at his daughter, as they walk on the aisle, with lots of pride and love. It's one of my best shot. Thank you to both Beth and Doug for letting me to be part of your special day. Congratulations.