Monday, April 28, 2008

Lyca • Tom: the Boudoir

04.27.2008 | Mojave Desert, PIONEERTOWN

Thank you to both Lyca and Tom for their trust to letting me do their boudoir photo session. As posted in my blog previously, we did Lyca's boudoir photo session last March and Tom's session was due sometimes in April. He waited until almost END of April! To those of you who "are waiting" to see Tom in "hot and sizzling" boudoir photo session, the pictures are finally here! Both of these sessions were my first try out in the "boudoir" photography and I have to give credits to both Lyca and Tom, for their trust and making it so easy for me to photograph them. I had so much fun with this couple and very happy with the works. Tom, hope you like your photographs! I am pretty sure Lyca would!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Karen • Joesan: the Engagement

04.26.2008 | Orange County Performing Arts Center, COSTA MESA

Karen and Joesan, they met each other, and fall in love at ..., whereelse, their office: the Orange County Performing Arts Center. Listening to Karen and Joesan, I'm not really sure, who actually made the first move between them, :) Both of them have their "own version" of who made the first move, :) It was a fun photo shooting, beautiful architecture location, thank you for introducing me to the location. Karen and Joesan, thank you again for the opportunity given to me to capture your passions and your love for each others. Cheers.

Trisha • Ricky: eSession

04.26.2008 | Old Town & City Hall, PASADENA

Trisha and Ricky, when Trisha called and asked me, "Jacob what do you do usually when you are doing eSession?" She caught me there for few seconds, since..., I don't really know the answer, :) Well, I guess lots of people wonders, what's actually going on during eSession photo shoot with Jacob. Honestly, 90% of my works, the credits go to the client. It's the bride and the groom. It's the people. They are the ones that make the pictures happen. I just clicked, clicked and clicked. I clicked for every moments they are in love. I clicked for every passions they feel towards each other. I told my bride and groom, it's not me that make the pictures happens, it's the two of you. Just feel the love between the two of you, show me the passion that you have for each other, remember the feelings that the two of you met for the first time, and the split seconds before you said "I Do"; I'll do my little magic capturing them on my camera then, :) Trisha and Ricky, thank you for letting me capture your moments and I'm looking forward to our 2nd eSession in the next few months.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


04.19-20.2008 | Downtown Atlanta, ATLANTA

I had a quick trip to Atlanta, GA last weekend and I brought with me, my new little camera Canon G9. I was basically playing around with the camera and made few testing using this wonderful little camera. I didn't have that much time shooting, but I managed few shots while visiting downtown Atlanta: the Aquarium and the Atlanta Underground Mall. I love the little G9 capabilities of shooting with manual control, its small and compact sizes beats the weight of few canon L lenses plus one Canon5D camera!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Melody • John: eSession

04.13.2008 | Malibu Canyon, MALIBU

Four days after John met Melody, he asked her if he could be her boyfriend. One month later, John asked Melody for the marriage. "It was a beautiful day and perfect timing to pop the question" that's how John described it while we were driving to Malibu area today. Unfortunately, Pacific Coast Hwy traffic wasn't as fast as John and Melody's "I DO" today. We were trapped in the Sunday traffic and had to cut the e-Session today short, but we will have the 2nd part of the e-Session, sometimes in May. It's a fun e-session and my 2nd "nature" e-session, 2 days in a row. More of the two love birds' 2nd e-Session photos coming up soon.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mirnawati • Gatot: the ENGAGEMENT

04.12.2008 | Lake Arrowhead & Big Bear, SAN BERNARDINO

Mirna and Gatot, they both share same passion: travelling and landscapes sightseeing. They had specific idea of where they would like to have their e-session: Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear area. The day was set, and so does the hour: Saturday, April the 12th, 6:30am. It was my first "nature" e-session location and I love it. All ..., but the hiking part, ouch... We all managed to "survive" the e-session and I'm looking forward to come back with the couple after their lunch banquet on their wedding day in May, for their mini session trash the dress photo shooting, all at the same location.