Monday, April 28, 2008

Lyca • Tom: the Boudoir

04.27.2008 | Mojave Desert, PIONEERTOWN

Thank you to both Lyca and Tom for their trust to letting me do their boudoir photo session. As posted in my blog previously, we did Lyca's boudoir photo session last March and Tom's session was due sometimes in April. He waited until almost END of April! To those of you who "are waiting" to see Tom in "hot and sizzling" boudoir photo session, the pictures are finally here! Both of these sessions were my first try out in the "boudoir" photography and I have to give credits to both Lyca and Tom, for their trust and making it so easy for me to photograph them. I had so much fun with this couple and very happy with the works. Tom, hope you like your photographs! I am pretty sure Lyca would!

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