Sunday, August 31, 2008

Johanna • Christopher: the Wedding

08.30.2008 | Wilshire Ebell Theatre, LOS ANGELES

Johanna and Christopher wedding, they live in UK, but they met each other here in California. We started the makeup session at Wilshire Ebell Theatre at 2:00pm, the groom and groomsmen arrived at 3:30pm. The ceremony was held at the Ebell Theatre's garden. The banquet was spectacular, with full big band orchestra. Not to forget, Ebell Theatre's Mellisa, with her beautiful voice warmed the banquet evening. During the toast, Christopher's brother shared story on how happy Christopher was when he lost his job last year. Because Johanna used to work for Christopher and now Christopher is free to "chase" Johanna, since he's no longer her boss.They are so perfect for each other.

Tonight's wedding was coordinated by Beth Helmstetter. Special thank you to my friend and tonight's guest photographer, Gilbert Yu. Gilbert specializes in portrait and kids photography. Congratulations to both Johanna and Christopher. Thank you for the chance to be part of your two's happiest day.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Johanna • Christopher: the Boudoir

08.28.2008 | Rachel's Apartment, LOS ANGELES

It's my 3rd Boudoir photo session. We've finally made it! Johanna and Christopher, my bride and groom client, who resides in England, they arrived last week and today we're doing Johanna's Boudoir session. Their wedding day is this upcoming Saturday, I'm excited to work with these 2 lovely couples! Special thank you to Rachel, Johanna' sister for providing her beautiful apartment and all the help during the shots! My make up artist, Yuri did the make up for Johanna. We started at 6:00pm, the shooting lasted until almost midnight. Thank you Johanna for the opportunity and trust given to my Galleries and me. Looking forward to work with you and Christopher this Saturday! More postings in the next few days.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Funni • Vito: the wedding

08.23.2008 | Almansor Court, ALHAMBRA

Funni and Vito, their wedding day started at..., hmmm... 3:00am make up session! Ouchhh...., lucky me, the makeup artist will not start her work on Funni until 5:00am, yipee! I arrived at the hotel at 5:30am and started the coverage. Vito was so calm and yes, he's ready! We left for the Almansor Court, where the ceremony and banquet will be held on about 10:00am and managed few snap shots at the Langham Pasadena hotel, where the couple stayed.

The ceremony was a full ceremony, led by IFGF senior pastor Danny. I remember what the pastor said, one can have many girlfriends, boyfriends relationship in one's life. But, they will always just a boy. It takes a man to stand in this ceremony and make full commitment and not a boy. The wedding is today, but the marriage and its journey will start the next day and it will be a forever journey! It's a beautiful message. Funni and Vito is one of the "quickest" couple that I know, who planned to get married less than 3 months after their 1st date! But, they've been friends for years. I saluted both Funni and Vito for knowing exactly what they're looking for in searching for their partners in life. Even more, when they've finally found each other, they are not hesitated to make that commitment. It's awesome! Congratulations both Funni and Vito! Both of you are great together! Thank you for letting my Galleries and me, be part of your two love story and the big day, :) More posting of the photos is coming.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alyson • Johnny: the wedding

08.16.2008 | the Westin Pasadena, PASADENA

Alyson and Johnny, their wedding day finally arrived. I remember, on Friday's evening, I stopped by at the Westin hotel, to pick up the couple's photo frame for their eSession photo picture, again, like most of all bride and groom, it's one of the last minute thing! I was in the elevator with Johnny on the way to his room to pick up the frame, I asked him, how's everything? Ready for the day tomorrow? Were you nervous? He gave one of the best answer that I've heard from a groomsman. He said whatever happens tomorrow, good or bad, it will still be a good day. Wow! That's the spirit! It's awesome!

We started the coverage around 11:00am, thank you to both Alyson and Johnny, I could sleep a bit longer, :) Alyson did her makeup at MAC in Pasadena, which is 2 blocks away from the hotel and then came back to the hotel room, where Yuri did her hair design. The couple decided not to meet until the ceremony. So, we spent a good enough time to photograph both the groom with his groomsmen and the bride with her bridesmaids. I had my associate Lia and my guest photographer, a friend of mine, Gilbert to come help out. Gilbert specializes in portrait photography.

The ceremony was super quick! I believe about 10 minutes, in and out. Yet, it's beautiful. It's at Pasadena City Hall. We then proceed with the family group photos and quite a rush to do both Alyson and Johnny photo shoot, since we didn't have any yet. The location both the city hall and the Westin hotel is awesomely beautfiul. There are tons of opportunities to take pictures, but there are so little time, ouchhhh.... But, we managed it well. We ran back to the Westin for the grand entrance at 6:40pm. The banquet lasted until 12 midnite. Congratulations to both Alyson and Johnny! Thank you for inviting my Galleries and myself to get to know both of you and be part of your beautiful day, :) More posting of the photos is coming.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Louisa • Robert: eSession

08.10.2008 | Irvine Technology Center, IRVINE

Louisa and Robert requested my galleries to produce custom wedding movie presentation for their upcoming wedding banquet in September 28, 2008. Both Louisa and Robert love their cars and had specifically purchased additional custom intro module to their wedding video movie package. Specifically to make the "theme" of the movie to be somehow car related.

Today's production was to complete the custom intro module, which involves shooting video for their car scenes and few still photographs of both Louisa and Robert together with their babies cars. It's my first time to do some sort of mini eSession that involves people and cars. It's quite challenging, since I have to combine 2 subjects, which are cars and the couples into 1 photograph. Special thank you to Robert's friend Tim, who's a professional car photographer. His work is great. He helped out with setting up the cars position, make my job much easier in setting up both Louisa and Robert. Again, my talented makeup artist Yuri did the make up for Louisa. It was a full day production. We started the makeup session at 7:00am in my Galleries and then we headed to Irvine for the entire day of production. We completed the production for the custom intro module tonight at 8:00pm.

Fashion Photo Session: London and Gloria

08.09.2008 | Sage Ranch Park, SIMI VALLEY

Today, I'm doing another photo testing with my makeup artist, Yuri.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fashion Photo Class: Session6

08.07.2008 | Otis, LOS ANGELES

I am taking fashion photo class at Otis College of Art and Design, the class instructor is amazing fashion photographer: James Stiles. Tonight is our 6th shooting time.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fashion Photo Session: Holly

08.05.2008 | Colorado Street Bridge, PASADENA

Today, I'm doing another photo testing with my makeup artist, Yuri. Special thanks to Arga, from BreedMag for introducing the model, Holly. Holly is awesome to work with. The make up session started at 5:30am and we started shooting at 8:00am. The session lasted until 9:00am.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fashion Photo Class: Session5

07.31.2008 | Otis, LOS ANGELES

I am taking fashion photo class at Otis College of Art and Design, the class instructor is amazing fashion photographer: James Stiles. Tonight is our 5th shooting time, we are shooting high key lighting setup.