Sunday, August 31, 2008

Johanna • Christopher: the Wedding

08.30.2008 | Wilshire Ebell Theatre, LOS ANGELES

Johanna and Christopher wedding, they live in UK, but they met each other here in California. We started the makeup session at Wilshire Ebell Theatre at 2:00pm, the groom and groomsmen arrived at 3:30pm. The ceremony was held at the Ebell Theatre's garden. The banquet was spectacular, with full big band orchestra. Not to forget, Ebell Theatre's Mellisa, with her beautiful voice warmed the banquet evening. During the toast, Christopher's brother shared story on how happy Christopher was when he lost his job last year. Because Johanna used to work for Christopher and now Christopher is free to "chase" Johanna, since he's no longer her boss.They are so perfect for each other.

Tonight's wedding was coordinated by Beth Helmstetter. Special thank you to my friend and tonight's guest photographer, Gilbert Yu. Gilbert specializes in portrait and kids photography. Congratulations to both Johanna and Christopher. Thank you for the chance to be part of your two's happiest day.

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  1. I absolutely love the one with Bride and her Bridesmaids at the Wilshire Blvd door - awesome! So joyful...!