Sunday, August 10, 2008

Louisa • Robert: eSession

08.10.2008 | Irvine Technology Center, IRVINE

Louisa and Robert requested my galleries to produce custom wedding movie presentation for their upcoming wedding banquet in September 28, 2008. Both Louisa and Robert love their cars and had specifically purchased additional custom intro module to their wedding video movie package. Specifically to make the "theme" of the movie to be somehow car related.

Today's production was to complete the custom intro module, which involves shooting video for their car scenes and few still photographs of both Louisa and Robert together with their babies cars. It's my first time to do some sort of mini eSession that involves people and cars. It's quite challenging, since I have to combine 2 subjects, which are cars and the couples into 1 photograph. Special thank you to Robert's friend Tim, who's a professional car photographer. His work is great. He helped out with setting up the cars position, make my job much easier in setting up both Louisa and Robert. Again, my talented makeup artist Yuri did the make up for Louisa. It was a full day production. We started the makeup session at 7:00am in my Galleries and then we headed to Irvine for the entire day of production. We completed the production for the custom intro module tonight at 8:00pm.

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