Sunday, April 27, 2008

Karen • Joesan: the Engagement

04.26.2008 | Orange County Performing Arts Center, COSTA MESA

Karen and Joesan, they met each other, and fall in love at ..., whereelse, their office: the Orange County Performing Arts Center. Listening to Karen and Joesan, I'm not really sure, who actually made the first move between them, :) Both of them have their "own version" of who made the first move, :) It was a fun photo shooting, beautiful architecture location, thank you for introducing me to the location. Karen and Joesan, thank you again for the opportunity given to me to capture your passions and your love for each others. Cheers.


  1. Yay! These look awesome! Thanks Jacob! We had so much fun yesterday.

  2. Thanks Karen and Joesan! The place is gorgeous and both of you are beautiful! I had tons of fun too, :)