Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alma • Michael: Maternity

03.02.2008 | Jacob Galleries Studio, ARCADIA

One of my bride client asked me if I would do maternity photo shoot and I said, I would love to but haven't got any chance yet so far. I did babies and kids photography in the past and certainly would love to give maternity photo shoot a try out. Unexpectedly, she asked if I would photograph her cousin, Alma, who'll be coming over from Hawaii for her baby shower event in LA. Of course, I would not pass this opportunity! We scheduled the session, and we almost didn't make it, since Alma had last minute changes on her schedule and I had to readjust my schedule as well. But, we all finally made it! Thank you to both Alma and Michael for the opportunity and trust, given to me to photograph and capture this special moment in their life.

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  1. Jacob these pictures are great! Thank you so much for taking my cousins pictures, I knew they would be great! :) - Dennise