Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lyca • Tom: the ENGAGEMENT

03.20.2008 | Las Vegas Strip, LAS VEGAS

When Lyca and Tom signed up with me to do their e-session last year, I mentioned that I will be in Vegas area for WPPI conference in March, and perhaps we could do their e-session over there. They agreed to it and arranged the time/day to meet up with me for the photo shoot. Lyca lives and works in Seattle and Tom lives and works in Los Angeles. We all finally made it to Vegas. Watching both Lyca and Tom holding hand and having fun, even at the hour past 1:00am, love is really beautiful! It's one of the greatest miracle that God shows in human's life. Given the chance to watch and capture the moments, I'm honored! Thank you both Lyca and Tom for letting me do few quick snapshots of these beautiful moments of your life.


  1. I LOVE it, Jacob!!!
    Tom and I had sooo much fun with you and Yuni (sp?)...
    It didn't even feel like it was that late when we took those last few shots!
    Can't wait to see the rest of them :)...

  2. Thank you both Lyca and Tom! Both of you are awesome to work with, :) Can't wait to shoot more pictures on your big day!