Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jacob Galleries: the News

05.05.2008 | Jacob Galleries, ARCADIA

Jacob Galleries is proudly announcing a new addition product: custom letterpress printed hand made guest book. Each of this guest book is letterpress printed, hand pressed photographs, custom binded using fine Japanese book cloth and paper. All of Jacob Galleries' guest books are custom made individually and custom sized to the bride's and groom's request. Custom guest book's price starting at $200.00. Please inquiry Jacob Galleries for the custom pricing based on your specification sizes and number of pages/photographs.

Jacob Galleries has its own facilities of letterpress printing in its 1000 square feet studio. The studio houses impressive 14 Vandercook letterpress printing machines, providing custom wedding invitation design and printing services. The Galleries is now expanding its services to include custom hand made book/album to its clients.

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  1. Thanks again for making this last minute!!!
    We LOVE it!!!! :)
    You're awesome hehehe...