Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September 2008

09.30.2008 | Jacob Galleries, ARCADIA

Well, another one good month passed by. Time passed so fast! This month, there are few things that I remember, things people said to me, or I heard. One thing from my Art Center evening class' instructor, he always ended the class with quotes. It's been 3 weeks so far, I remember the 2 quotes that he shared: Take pictures that "move" you and another one: I want "opera" on my pictures. On my last week's class, Ken Merfeld, the instructor shared that as photographer, we often encounter things which are good and bad, but all is for a reason. If things, good or bad cross your life path, take it to the best of it. There's reason for it and one should not get discourage by it. For example, you plan to shoot with 4 strobes of lights and when you get to location, 3 of them breaks down. Perhaps it's meant to have a photo shoot with just 1 strobe. One will never know. But, always take and make the best of everything that comes to your path of life.

Tonight, I was watching Tabatha's TV show, about hair salon take over reality show (on Bravo TV). On this episode, she said something that striked me. She said about how she always do and strive for the best hair works for her client and in every of her works, she feel that she always give a little piece of her heart to her clients. Wow, I guess we artists think alike. Tabatha is hair designer and I'm a photographer, but yet this is exactly how I perceive myself when I'm doing wedding works for my clients. I always want to do the best that I could do for them. I believe, each single pictures that I took for my clients, there are reasons for those pictures. With each of my works, there's little piece of me that I'm giving to my client. That hopefully stays with them and it shows through the photos that I took for them.

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