Sunday, May 3, 2009

Irish • Mario: eSession prelude movie

05.02.2009 | Harvest Inn Restaurant, GLENDALE

Irish and Mario eSession prelude movie.
Irish and Mario have this "little monkey" stuffed animal that they always carry, wherever they go, since the beginning of their relationship. the "little monkey" name is MonkE. This short introduction movie, using stop motion animation technique, illustrates a story of how the newly wed couple meet, date, and finally engaged. Without forgetting the presence of the "little monkey" obviously. The movie was played, prior to the banquet grand entrance of Irish and Mario, on their wedding day.
Creative Director and Still Photography by: Jacob Galleries.
Music by: Piano For Film (


  1. this is really nice, jacob! thank you for all your hard work in capturing all our perfect moments. we admire your talent and passion for what you do. you are an amazing artist and with livia at your side, you will be all the more fantastic! hehehe=)
    when we grow up we want to be just like you.


  2. Thank you Irish and Mario! Both of you are awesome to work with! I give back all the credits to you two, :) Thank you for trusting my "concept" video idea, eventhough I didn't have the sample of the product, but you both went all the way with it, allowing me to create this video for you two, :)