Sunday, June 22, 2008

T: Bar Mitzvah

06.21.2008 | VENTURA

I had my first Bar Mitzvah photo session experience today. It's quite touching at the end of the ceremony, when the parents said how proud they are for their son, T. They said, eventhough they didn't say it that often, but they would like their son know how they really feel for their son, that they really love him and feel so lucky to have a son like him. That speech really touched my heart, it's beautiful.

Tonight's event was coordinated by Beth Helmstetter. The entertainment and dj was provided by Marty Glassman.


  1. Hi Doug and Beth! Thank you for the comment! Thank you for still checking out my blogs!!! The family made all the shots easy, I just did my 'click click' like usual, :)