Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fashion Photo Session: Carolyn and Yuri

07.20.2008 | Otis, LOS ANGELES

Today, I'm helping my makeup artist, Yuri creating samples portfolio for her makeup works. She's a very talented makeup artist and I've been working with her for few of my brides' client in the last 8 months. We are using photo studio facilities at Otis College of Art and Design. Two of our female models cancelled on us, so I asked Yuri to be the 2nd model. Yuri did the makeup and hair design for Carolyn and herself. Carolyn is very sweet to work with and she's graciously beautiful to photograph.


  1. Very nice, Jacob. I especially like the first three with your artsy signature style!

  2. Thanks Gilbert! Thanks for the help out too, :)

    I want to see Yuri's photo that you did! I remember seeing one so cool (the one with the sofa). Bring it to class this Thursday ok?

  3. Great pictures, Like the first 2 picture as you have captured how beautiful the person is.