Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fonnita • Vito: eSession

"Why are we doing the eSession in San Diego?" I asked this question to both Vito and Fonnita, when we were driving to San Diego from my galleries in Arcadia. Both Vito and me shared same passion for the city, one thing in common: Phil's BBQ! We had agreed when we planned the eSession, we are heading to Phil's BBQ after the photo shoot! Well, it turns out that, Phil's BBQ was the place where Vito and Fonnita went for their 1st date! Wow. 2 hours trip to Phil's BBQ from Los Angeles area, and it's the couple's first date's place, :)

We went straight to Balboa Park, then Gaslamp area, but we were so hungry and didn't really spend too much time in Gaslamp area. I'm supposed to photograph them at Phil's BBQ, had an idea of the couple holding the ribs and kissing! But when the hot ribs finally arrived on our table, the next thing I remember, we were driving out from Phil's BBQ parking lot with full stomach, and ouch... I forgot to photograph the couple! I was a bad photographer! Congrats to both of you! Can't wait to your wedding day. We are not having Phil's BBQ on your wedding day rite guys? :)

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